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Excavator Track Desk

Featuring Custom Excavator Track Carriage, ½ inch Glass Top and Storage Drawers. Including every detail such as Track Rollers, Drive Sprocket, Steps, Center Cover, Track Lines, Pins and Bosses, plus a Wild Grinding Pattern.

Dump Truck Snack Station

Featuring Front Bumper Pull Out To Expose Refrigerator, Driver Door Opens Snack Bar & Working Indoor Smoke System for a True Rolling Coal Effect. Polished Stainless Steel Front Bumper, Mirrors, Grill Fuel Tanks, Stacks and Visor. Custom 3 Stage Paint Job and Working LED Lighting.

Excavator Boom, Dipper and Bucket

Featuring Light Fixture and Bottle Opener with Cap Catch Tray. Polished stainless steel hydraulic cylinder rods, water jetted bucket teeth and powder coated orange to look like a Hitachi unit.

Eager Beaver Trailer Coffee Table

Featuring Cherry Wood Planks, Toolbox Storage Drawers, LED Running Lights, Safety Chains, ½ inch Glass Top, Pneumatic Tires and Adjustable Mini 10 Ton Jack Stand Legs.

Norwegian Flag Cabinet

With Cigar Holders, Storage Trays and Wine Glass / Beer Mug Storage

Custom Keg End Table with Glass Top with LED Lighting

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