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“Split Decision” Sculpture Made Of Stainless Steel And Grinding Patterns

"Exposed" Is A Steel Cactus Sculpture With Stainless Steel Accents

The stainless steel accents can be seen on all the dots within the roots of the cactus and all the snake tracks. For contrast the back of the snakes have diamond plated stainless steel shapes to stand out. The sculpture weighs about 150-200 pounds. All the veins within the cactus are 3/8" round, which were welded solid and then all welds ground down for a truely awesome appearance. The sculptures base plate is 1/2" thick to keep cactus upright and withstand high winds. The main stem of the cactus 5” diameter and the branches are 4” diameter.

All the material used for the rocks are individually formed and ground for that stone look. The Roots are all made from black pipe which was heated shaped and staggered down in diameter for an insane root appearance. This is a wonderful piece for around pools, back yards, the front lawn, or your home/business. Over 120 hours labor, 30 grinding wheels and a spool of welding wire went into making this piece.

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